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The Arch at Indiana | New Year, New Goals
A new year is always an inspiration to everyone to be better than they were the year prior. We set goals for ourselves that we would like to accomplish and hope to keep. This is where it gets a little tricky…. Keeping up with goals that we set for ourselves can be more difficult than we imagine. We may think it will be easy to start that dairy-free diet until we are standing in front of a delicious cheese tray at our friend’s house. There will always be things to tempt us and make us go astray, so how do we stay strong in a world full of temptations? There is no right answer for this, but there are some steps we can take to help us be the strong, motivated people we all want to be. 1. Write Down Your Goals – writing down the things you want to accomplish helps hold you more accountable to actually complete them 2. Share your Goals with Someone Close – telling someone else your goals that will help hold you accountable as well will give you that extra motivation to get it done. Maybe they will even want to join in on your goal with you and you can do it together! 3. Set a Deadline – set a date you’d like your goal to be completed or at least in progress by. Having an end in sight always helps 4. Take the First Step – whatever your goal is, get started on it immediately don’t make up excuses, just do it. 5. Don’t Get Discouraged – if you take a step backward or your goal seems more difficult than you expected don’t let that get you down and stop you from what you want. Remember how badly you wanted this and think about how happy you will be once you accomplish it These are just a few things to help you along the way. Always remember although we always inspire to be better, which is a good thing, you should always be happy with yourself first! You are a unique individual and although there are always things we can improve on, doesn’t mean you are any less than amazing already.